I was recently exposed to a new acronym. 


“Off the derech.”

Derech is the Hebrew word for “path.” To say that someone is off the derech (sorry, I can’t bear italicizing it every time) is to say that they have lost their way. As in, away from the religious way. As in, once you were, but now you’re not. As in, how can we bring you back?


Here’s some unedited, stream of consciousness wisdom: 

Treat each other with great care. Be holy, whatever holy means to you. When you have the choice to be right or to be kind, be kind.

Have some perspective. Go hug somebody. 

I drone on and on about bringing people closer to their center. The thing is, we generally focus internally to find that center. Focus OUT. Help yourself open up to what is all around you. Feel the energy of life. There are gajillions of planets. And we fight over little pieces of (h)ours. Kill each other in the name. The holy name. Fight over pieces of land. 

It's simple, peeps. I and you and we are in God. And God is in us.

The path is a misnomer. The paths, people. The paths.

Yes, I spout my cereal-box philosophy. To me, it’s that simple. Truth isn’t complicated. Truth is simple.

Just be. Do the right thing.

Forget OTD. 

OAD. Be on a path. If you ask honestly, you’ll find the right one. 

Have a love filled 2014.