One foot on stage, one foot in the nursery…

So, I'm trying to find some balance. I insist that I will be the musician/dad that does it all, and does it all well. 

What’s doing in our little abode? The last hour looked something like this… 

2:15 AM – Late night studio session in progress. Going well. Being productive, and laying down good tracks. 

2:16 AM – Yep. He’s awake. 

2:20 AM -Feed the kiddo. (Relatively easy, as I am the dad. Far more effort involved for the mom, to be honest.) 

2:40 AM -Hang out with him for a bit. (Wonderful, although I think he likes this little hanging rattle more than me at the moment.) 

2:50 AM -Try to get him back to sleep. (Not easy… Sing. Dance. Look at YouTube videos. Discuss the obvious merits of true-bypass guitar effect pedals. Bounce up and down. Sing some more. Put on the battery-powered-blinking-star-that-plays-music thing…) 

3:05 AM -Wait! He’s sleeping! Run into studio. Record something. 

3:06 AM -Interrupt recording mid-take to check on mysterious gurgling sound. Mystery solved. Go after a good burp. (His, not mine.) 

3:08 AM -Back to studio. Mix something. Fall asleep while mixing. (Sleep deprivation hits hard…) 

3:09 AM –Wake up. Fix mistakes made during last 30 seconds of sleep-mixing. 

3:10 AM – Receive notification that new emails have arrived. Click on window… New in the inbox: 
Music store online catalog. 
Travel info for this weekend’s gigs. 
Coupons for Babies’R’Us. 

3:11 AM – Look …. Print… Forward… 

3:15 AM – Yeah. He’s up… Repeat. 

Wouldn’t trade it. =)