Third of September,

Two thousand and thirteen.

The day before Rosh Hashana.

Window seat at Café Martin, Brooklyn, NY


Here, in the first quiet moment I’ve given to self-reflection in some time, I am moved to share thoughts on the year to come.

I’ve watched this year pass through the narrow view of a telescope, lens dirty from dust and smoke, emotionally detached but somehow present thanks to the distance such a device affords. I’ve seen quite a bit this year. Death, joy, fear, rapture, connection, disappointment, pride, love... it’s a long list.

Here are, as distilled from a recently retired Moleskine and in no particular order, this year’s life lessons:

  •  If you lose God, just find a kid.
  • Music is in the making.
  • We are all, in one way or another, praying to ourselves.
  • God is; God is: God is, God is.
  • There is always hope.
  • Any moment can be the moment when something momentous occurs.
  • If you swear that you will never love again…
  • Money kills. How ironic then that in the end, we could not (would not) (should not) care about it less.
  • It’s time to be an artist, which essentially means that it’s time to be.
  • Believe in the power of positive change.
  • It only takes one. Truth.
  • Family is kinetic, not genetic.
  • Bloodlines don’t necessarily lead to love lines. (Fortunately, love lines are not bloodline-dependent.)
  • There is no reason an omelet should contain only one kind of cheese.

Wishing all of us, each and every one, a beautiful and blessed year to come. 

Shana Tovah,