On Redemption...



what is it to be redeemed … ?



what is it to stare at the dark skinned night

before the light comes on


swaying back and forth

from breaking point to breaking point

forsaking points

we’ve been making all along


i believe there's more

but i don't know what more looks like

i believe there is redemption

but i have no idea what it is to be redeemed

i just want to breathe deep and live out this screenplay

before the final scene plays

the one that only happens once I'm gone


for no one


no one


reads their last page.


for is this not our story … ?

our narrative

our off-broadway drama

act after act after act while curtains rise and fall on the same tattered tale


we bleed and laugh and cry and pray

and walk away

only to be brought back again

when something changes

something tips

something falls/se and once again

we are sure there is only One


no one knows if they're actually alive

but faith itself is an act of redemption

and while we can't be sure there's even One

we're often sure

there’s only One


what are we hoping for when we say

next year in Jerusalem … ?

next year

as if we all somehow converged on this contested plot of birthrights and walls

as if some redemption would be found


it's about our own Jerusalem

our own internal wall filled with crumpled paper notes and wounded dreams

it's our own redemption

it's a prayer

next year

may we know more than we know now

may we see ourselves more clearly

than we do through this dirty, foggy lens

that we try so hard to keep clean


perhaps we were once delivered from mitzrayim

perhaps, somehow, each of us is there still

dutifully wandering the same path for years

until something, some truth

comes clear


whatever that truth is, it's right here

right in front of our eyes


i believe this can be, if we are ready to be this


let this be our year


this year


closer to ourselves


this year


in Jerusalem