The Return (not that you knew I left...)

So, I’m back. I mean, you may not have noticed that I took off. I didn’t vanish, just took a step away from the full-throttle lifestyle that is professional music as I watched me slowly lose myself.

It’s wild to look back. Four years on a Broadway show that wasn’t, and an off-Broadway show that was. A long (long), difficult divorce, with love, resources, and much family lost. An incredible twist of fate, and love and family found. Two (now four) amazing children. Five moves. Records. Thousands of shows, and probably twice as many flights.

Slowly, over that time, my gas tank emptied, and I eventually found myself without the strength to get out of bed. 

But then, suddenly, I bounced.

And now, ohhhh man. Watch out.

I remember what this was like from before the storm. Waking up, overwhelmed and excited with the endless possibilities held by the day ahead. And, it’s wild, but I'm experiencing that feeling again.

Love is here. Music is pouring. Words are flowing. And, ideas… oh the ideas… are streaming in an almost explosive manner.

There is bright light ahead. 

So, I’m not sure if you’ve missed me, or if you even noticed I left.

But I did, and I’m back.

And, it’s going to be amazing.


You ain’t seen nothing yet.


I love you.