Film at 11




Today’s work day involved sitting around and watching footage from a soon-to-be-released JNP live concert DVD.

(Sometimes I can’t believe this is a real job.)

Here are some random thoughts that popped into my head during the viewing:

-       Alex is grooving.

-       Michelle and Jesse are really bringing it.

-       Rob is just ridiculously good.

-       All that time I spent learning to dance more subtly with the pedal board has paid off.

-       That tiny little scar on my lip looks like the Grand Canyon in HD.

-       What am I DOING with that piano? Oh. That’s what I’m doing.

-       The Killers are either going to love this or hate this.

-       I do not quite have moves like Jagger.

-       That said, I aspire to have moves like Keith Richards anyway.

-       I should get Adam Levine to sing a hook on a track.    

But then…

-       Oy.

Some note, somewhere, in some tune, a mistake…

I was totally bummed until it dawned on me: the small mistake ultimately made the whole aesthetic experience better.

The mistake is live.  It’s real. It’s human.

Maybe the mistakes are little reminders of our humanity?

Ken y’hi ratzon. May it be Gd’s will.

Here’s a clip from the show. Have a sweet Shabbat.